Before they seemingly bowed out of regular publication with their 'Manhattan Issue', Acne Paper presented a magnificent feature on the soft sculptures of Louise Bourgeois, seen here from an Au Courant Studio Archives copy of the 'Body Issue'. Replicating the brooding, visceral complexities of Bourgeois' textile and form-based sculptures, each image reveals the raw, heavy-handed stitch used in an attempt to hobble together a semblance of order across the disparate swaths of materials often culled from Bourgeois' own belongings, and within the artist's fractured psychological state. 

The forms are undeniably feminine and maternal: strong, vulnerable, ferocious, nurturing, majestic. These are a woman's most private, volatile moments - those which occur within her own body and mental state - laid bare and painful and taut. Together, the works stand as a more realistic creation myth illuminated through Bourgeois' rough forms of pregnant, faceless beings, labouring bodies, dangling babies and the like.

The soft sculptural form normally invites touch, but these charged works with their tense realities, misshapen bodies and savagely hewn seams are barbed and out-of-reach; these are not for our own edification, but for Bourgeois' own enlightenment and salvation. Any transformation we gain in viewing the works are purely coincidental. Thus, to see them exposed - even within the respectable pages of Acne Paper - feels a tad bit prying.

But given Bourgeois' inclinations for skewering her past without exception, sharing these works might be more of an honor than a disservice to her oeuvre.







Femme Couteau, 2002
The Woven Child, 2002
Loose Sheet LB-0462, Louise Bourgeois Archives NYC | The Reticent Child, 2003
Untitled, (Woman Giving Birth), 1941
Nature Study (detail), 1984
Untitled, 2002
Article Images & Text by Lisa-Marie Harris
First Published by Acne Paper | Spring 2012
Photography by Christopher Burke






  • On Idealism
  • Ep. 05
  • A casual discourse on idealism, as seen through the lens of the Dutch De Stijl art movement. With Edwin Jacobs, then director of the Centraal Museum Utrecht.

    By Lisa-Marie Harris.


  • Au Courant
  • Vol. 02
  • Art, Design + Life/Style
    With Edwin Jacobs at Centraal Museum Utrecht, LA sculptor Peter Alexander, Martin van Nieuwenhuyzen on Isa Genzken at The Stedelijk Museum, Studio WM, Duane Dove at Tobago Estate Chocolate, Kris Kim of La Garconne, and more.
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