Au Courant Daily features Campbell Cole's Simple Collection Accessories


Considering the tenor of our social media-fueled society, a brand's choice to showcase its behind-the-scenes activities can reveal many curious, flashy, optics-driven things.  Or, it could actually reveal aspects of production that make the brand's output quite desirable, not unlike Campbell Cole's behind-the-scenes peek into the creation of their newest set of leather goods. 

Made by hand in England, the Campbell Cole 'Simple Collection' is as its name suggests: a spartan range of restrained pieces, offered in tan, navy, olive, black, blue, and now, chalk tones. A leather key wrap - little more than a carefully folded and hot-stamped piece held together with a single, metal stud closure - is the epitomization of the range. 

Nothing apart from the basic details are added to each item, and the collection - spread across zippered pouches, card holders, coin cases, and slimline wallets - is as streamlined as possible.

Scenes within the brand's factory attest to this dual sense of precision and simplicity, no pun intended. Leather forms are stamped on the reverse, as seen above, to indicate both its thickness and quality as denoted by the printed hand on the razor-sharp pieces, above. In other places, images of the delicate cutting, debossing, edge-coating, and skivving steps suggest attention to detail and an ingrained concern with making sure each piece is crafted in a particular, exacting way. 

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Au Courant Daily features Campbell Cole's Simple Collection Accessories


Au Courant Daily features Campbell Cole's Simple Collection Accessories


Au Courant Daily features Campbell Cole's Simple Collection Accessories





Words | Lisa-Marie Harris
Images | Campbell Cole
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