Lisa-Marie Harris and Lasana Harris on Hair Tate Exchange


At the end of April, I will be mounting a novel installation-cum-experiement with social neuroscientist Lasana T. Harris on perception, inference, and hair. Set to take place from the 27th to the 30th at the Tate Exchange exhibit space on the 5th floor of the Switch House, the work will be part of a larger programme on engaging objects and art from varying sensory perspectives. 

Without getting into the thick of it beforehand, I can say that we each have our own agendas - he on the research side, me on the objectification front - but we are both interested in observing how people might determine what's real and what's fake. 

To that end, the programme has presented an opportunity for me to take my object-based works outside of the photographic boundaries; I normally construct and assemble a variety of items relating to the body or personal spaces for the purpose of staging images, some of which I share across the Au Courant platform, or via Instagram.

It has become a very instinctive process - making things, setting them up, snapping the image - but there comes a time when one has to do things a bit differently. 

See you at the Tate, soon?


Image, Sculpture & Words | Lisa-Marie Harris
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