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You may have guessed it already: From now on, you'll be getting our fashionable updates right here on Au Courant Daily! I did some hemming and hawing before switching our presence to this new space, but eventually realized that Au Courant had long grown past our original Blogger site, and that it was time to branch out onto our own platform.

The old Blogger site won't be completely shuttered though; you'll still be able to access our archival posts there, and links to those posts will still work. But for all the fresh, daily, fashion-y goodness? Check Au Courant Daily, as we'll no longer be posting on Blogger. Bear with us just a tad though if you happen upon a dead link, or an old post that needs to be re-formatted. All shall be fixed, ASAP!

And now, about the matter of getting used to our new space! Let me give you some quick and easy how-to's:

  • FOR POSTING COMMENTS - See that little blue 'speech bubble' at the left side of each post? Just click it, and you'll be taken straight to our comments box; feel free to use it as often as you like!
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Enjoy our new look!

The Volume

  • Au Courant Vol. 02
    Edwin Jacobs, director of Centraal Museum Utrecht
    Looking around Gerrit Rietveld's modern space 
    Curator Martin van Nieuwenhuyzen on the artist's retrospective
    In studio with the Los Angles sculptor
    Works by Nadia Huggins, Monika Holzer alongside Rebecca Martin, Mark Jason-Weston, and Nick Wilkins. Literary writings by L.T. Harris, Caroline Mackenzie, and Breanne Mc Ivor.
    With Astier de Villatte, HER swimwear, Mariage Frères, Hôtel de NELL, La Garconne, Cahiers d'Art, and Rosemanclub.
    By Lisa-Marie Harris.
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Of Interest

Astier de Villatte Incense and Pottery
Astier de Villatte

Fine Japanese incense blends and hand-crafted pottery from the Parisian home wares maison.
Japanese made eyewear from Rosemanclub
Rosemanclub Eyewear

Japanese made eyewear inspired by classic shapes, from Thailand's Rosemanclub Eyewear.
Mariage Frères Thé Maison
Mariage Frères Thé

Exquisite loose leaf, speciality, and blended herbal teas from the longstanding Parisian Maison.
Gerrit Rietveld Furniture Design
Hôtel de NELL, Paris

An understated, modernist 5-star hotel & spa with a minimalist design outlook in the heart of Paris.