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Apparently, It takes awhile to figure out exactly what one wants to do with one's life. After which comes the constant pruning, retooling, and evaluative process that often reveals how one might be better served following a somewhat different path towards accomplishing the same, original thing.

If this is not the case for most folk, it has certainly been the case for me. 

Upon leaving Trinidad & Tobago, I decided to stay away from Radio Journalism and the broadcaster's life I had painstakingly built and lived for many years. I was, quite literally, tired of the crazy hours and manic schedules. And most of all, I was tired of the bacchanal that a public career brought.

It's been a good decade since, and in the ensuing time, I've incorporated lens-based media into my practice with a specific focus on photography, which has brought unparalleled levels of joy and reflection that I have not experienced since my teenaged moments of contemplating how else to be an artist besides becoming a painter. I've also found much satisfaction navigating the changing landscape of new and social media via this Au Courant platform - what better way to share one's photographic and thematic interests as they develop? 

Publishing and printing, however, were the m├ętiers that took me quite by surprise, despite the fact that I am the progeny of two print workers, and spent a massive portion of my youth playing, observing, and mucking about the halls of the old Government Printery on Tragarete road in Port-of-Spain. I suppose even the most seemingly insignificant childhood experiences can be of influence in adulthood.

Nevertheless, as I sit here excitedly working with L.T. Harris on a collaborative print project titled The Simulator, I find myself thinking about what's next.

And my mind wanders right back to audio. 

I've recently begun a semi-regular art, design and life/style podcast to address this; each episode of The Audio Diary deals loosely with a theme that's explored in relation to discussions with other artists, creatives, thinkers and designers. The most recent episode, for instance, features parts of an insanely long, supremely insightful conversation on De Stijl and Idealism with the then director of the Centraal Museum of Utrecht, Edwin Jacobs.

But still, I've been thinking of how else to encounter audio, how else to work in the soundscape beyond what I knew then with Radio, and what I'm doing now with podcasts. Ambient documentaries, perhaps?

The editing process continues...


Editing, Publishing & Work Mode inside Au Courant Studio


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