The Au Courant Daily Journal | Thoughts on the old Au Courant logo and new beginnings


This is the first version of my studio logo, screen printed on an old sweatshirt, circa 2006.

When I made this, I had just left Trinidad & Tobago for New York City with the realization that I didn't need to wait until some appointed future date to start the kind of work I wanted to do. And so, Au Courant Studio was born with this random, curlicued logo which, over time, I came to hate with a passion. It's that thing where an idea looks so damn good on paper but once actualized you stand back, wrinkle your brow and think to yourself, "well.. that's not exactly what I had in mind."

In fact, I am certain that in the dark recesses of the internet the very first version of this journal - then called Au Courant in the Caribbean - might still be floating around in all its tacky and unrefined glory. Indeed, those were the days! 

Before long, I switched out that overwrought logo for the sharp one that you see now, and over the many years since, this space has gone from a platform for sharing thoughts on West Indian fashion and art, to a place for musings on design in general, and finally, to my own journal space for documenting my art practice, publishing work, and occasionally, my lifestyle. Through it all, I've kept the old sweatshirts; despite the gaudy logo, these pieces have stood up pretty well to more than a decade of nonstop wear and tear. 

So as the year draws to a close, I am allowing myself a moment of reflection before releasing the 3rd, and most personal version of the Au Courant Vol. book yet. (Thankfully, I can now create work projects where the final version comes remarkably close to, or surpasses the original idea, and with nary a vulgarian curlicue in sight. Small mercies, I suppose. Small mercies.)

Here's to the old Au Courant, and to the new.



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