Edwin Jacobs, outgoing director of the Centraal Museum Utrecht on 2017 year of De Stijl


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Sometime ago, I sat down with Edwin Jacobs, above, then director of Centraal Museum Utrecht, to discuss Modernism & De Stijl for what would be an interview feature on the pages of Au Courant Vol. 02

Instead, we spent the entire time talking indirectly about the idealism, and to a lesser extent, the mysticism and uptopianism of the movement's main instigators: Theo van Doesburg, Gerrit Rietveld, Baart van der Leck, Piet Mondrian, and co. 

To that point, I hadn't considered how this world renowned art movement on neo-plasticity was essentially a naive, experimental project by a group of aesthetic, post-war Dutch dreamer/thinkers. But as our talks progressed I began to understand the extent to which idealism sat at the core of the collective interests of the group, and how it shaped their works, approaches, and ultimately, how it influenced the dissolution and subsequent legacy of the movement. 

Listen above to the thoughts and conversations in EP. 05 of The Audio Diary.




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