Making Au Courant - Volume 02 has been a purposeful, slow, and steady process. Instead of capitalizing upon Volume 01's release, I chose to wait in silence, to sit alone, thinking long and hard about the direction of Au Courant beyond the success of a debut.

In truth, the first take presented an opportunity to play around and figure out what worked in print vs. what I knew worked for broadcast media, or even for digital publishing as it relates to Au Courant's viral presence and the Daily Journal. Volume 01 was beautiful - a fun, quick read - but I was not sure it represented all that was brilliant, challenging, thought-provoking, and original about the Au Courant Magazine I envisioned.

So I returned to the ideas, concepts, and inspirations that gave birth to Au Courant, retracing my steps as it were to arrive at a new point of understanding. On a trip back home to the Caribbean island of Tobago - the sister isle of my native Trinidad - I rediscovered understatement amongst the dense, variegated hills and the frothy coasts, which offered more visual calm than one would expect from a saturated dot of a tropical island.

Luise Kimme, the late German sculptor, knew this and I suspect that overwhelming sense of the sublime is exactly what persuaded her to reside in Tobago for decades in a majestic home, studio, and gallery looking outwards to the turquoise Caribbean Sea; intimate views from inside her space are shared in Volume 02. Thus, in the place where it started many years ago as a website-on-the-side of my radio career, things began to make sense and the volume that is now available for purchase on finally took shape.

The dream of Au Courant has always been to represent a global take on modern aesthetics across art, design, culture, and life/style. That vision comes to life on the pages of Volume 02, where collaged commissions from the Jamaican-born artist Mark Jason Weston are placed alongside interviews with the ‘Light and Space', Los Angeles sculptor Peter Alexander, and talks with the Paris-based, Belgian sustainable footwear designer Mats Rombaut.

Elsewhere in the massive, 356-page volume are photo diaries, special features, and original artist commissions from Nadia Huggins, Mark Jason-Weston, Nick Wilkins, and Monika Holzer alongside Rebecca Martin, with literary works by L.T. Harris, Caroline Mackenzie, and Breanne Mc Ivor.

Also included are discussions with CENTRAAL MUSEUM UTRECHT director, Edwin Jacobs on modernism and De STIJL; curator Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen at the STEDELIJK MUSEUM on Isa Genzken; the founders of fine home goods maison ASTIER DE VILLATTE on incense; and LA GARCONNE founder Kris Kim on the Manhattan boutique's understated outlook.

As guided directly by my own hand and thoughts, Au Courant - Volume 02 will introduce you to an intriguing set of artists, designers, creatives, and thinkers whose cultural stories will only seem disparate on first glance.

I trust you will enjoy the journey.



Au Courant Magazine Volume 02


Au Courant Magazine Volume 02


Au Courant Magazine Volume 02 


Au Courant Magazine Volume 02



Au Courant Magazine Volume 02



Berlin in Fragments, by Monika Holzner & Rebecca Martin

Cut/Paste, by Mark Jason Weston

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, by Nadia Huggins

Time for Tea, a Mariage Freres feature

Discussions with artist Peter Alexander

Talks with footwear designer Mats Rombaut


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